Check Out How PalmSHIELD’s Equipment Screening Compares to the Competition

Ever wondered exactly how well PalmSHIELD mechanical equipment screening holds up against its top competitors? Well, we’ve completed a simple and comprehensive graphic to prove that we really are just as great as we say we are.

How To Guide For Selecting Your Mechanical Equipment Screen – User’s Guide

How to select your mechanical equipment screening.  A user’s guide for assisting in design and selection of materials.   The intent of this guide is to provide an easy step-by-step process to help you decide when you may need mechanical equipment screening.  Once you know there is a need, this guide will provide you withContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Diagonal Louver System Specifications

PalmSHIELD’s latest louver design, Casino, diagonal louvers, has received a great deal of interest from architects and designers.  Everyone is asking how they can include these diagonal louvers in their next mechanical equipment screen, dumpster enclosure or patio rail.    PalmSHIELD has provided a series of CAD drawings to make it easy for these designers toContinue Reading

New! PalmSHIELD Announces Diagonal Louvers

Casino Diagonal Louvers Looking for a more contemporary industrial fencing design? PalmSHIELD’s new Casino panels provide a real eye-catching appeal. When architects and designers are looking for that really unique design that may be the focal point; the Casino design is perfect for enclosing outdoor patios and cafés. These panels provide some needed shade whileContinue Reading