PalmSHIELD Announces Our Standard Drawings for One, Two and Three Dumpsters

Now Available: Dumpster Enclosure CAD Drawings and PDFs

PalmSHIELD is excited to announce our standard dumpster enclosure CAD and PDF drawings.  Our new standard dumpster enclosure drawings include layouts for one, two and three dumpsters.  Refuge dumpsters have a standard footprint. Solid waste management companies require specific access and space around these dumpsters to remove the trash from the dumpsters.  This access and footprint is consistent.  Our layout drawings were made specifically to accommodate this standard footprint.

If you are an architect or designer, you will appreciate this complete standard plan design with accompanying elevation views and details.  You will be able to quickly copy and paste this information into your project plans for a professional looking enclosure that provides a complete layout, plan view and details.

PalmSHIELD is providing these drawings because our customers are repeatedly inquiring about enclosure pricing and details. Our drawings are complete and fully consider the foot print necessary to access a standard trash dumpster. Please contact us at if you would like any additional information.

Single Dumpster Enclosure 1-4

Single Dumpster Enclosure 2-4

Single Dumpster Enclosure 3-4

Single Dumpster Enclosure 4-4

Double Dumpster Enclosure 1-4

Double Dumpster Enclosure 2-4

Double Dumpster Enclosure 3-4

Double Dumpster Enclosure 4-4

Triple Dumpster Enclosure 1-4

Triple Dumpster Enclosure 2-4

Triple Dumpster Enclosure 3-4

Triple Dumpster Enclosure 4-4


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